Narrative music videos - the modern rock opera ballad

These long form metal songs give me a heavy town crier/shaman vibe, or a feeling of sharing scary stories around the campfire.

Close your eyes and enjoy these long songs! (2 of 3 reference horror movies!)

(the first time I closed my eyes and listened to a long form song was in middle school when my 6th grade English teacher played Loreena Mckinnet's The Highwayman)

Staria I, Amadeus Rise

Bad men make their own rules
And only dead men can tell no tales

Buckout Road

It’s fuckin’ cold outside
I got no weed
I got one fuckin’ shoe
And my fuckin’ car all fucked up
I’m bleeding out the side
I’m probably going to fucking die
Should’ve listened to fucking Juan
Juan said “Don’t go driving down on Buckout no one ever drives on Buckout”
I was like “No I’m going to take a ride on Buckout, smoke a blunt we’re gonna chill”
Now I’m fuckin’ stuck here
I got fuckin’ birds, mosquitos, fuckin’ trees
Fuckin’ wind’s blowing
Mother fuckin’ Blair Witch Project and shit

The story of Buckout Road, a spooky stretch of West Harrison in Westchester, is similar to the “Bloody Mary” story. You drive to Buckout Road. You stop at the red house. You honk your horn three times. And then… cannibal, flesh-eating albinos come out and rip you limb from limb. Don’t believe me? Just try it yourself.

Westchester County Urban Legend of Buckout Road in White Plains/West Harrison, NY, to Become Movie Directed By 90210 Actor Jason Priestley


Every day that he trains is a slap in the face to the gods
God damn

Check out the key changes in this one, they're sublime :)

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