A few metal songs ive had on repeat lately

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My dating life may be non existent, but at least I've have a few great metal songs to have on repeat lately.

side note: more people need to admit out loud that they like metal, and stop worrying what other people think of their music tastes. I know this happens to others because I was guilty of it myself. Perhaps this is just a feature of growing out of your early twenties. But, I digress.

Will Ramos Sultrily Serenades Your Eardrums with this Sleep Token Cover

Will Ramos Violently Tackles Your Eardrums with Demonic Growls

Phil Bozeman Battles His Demons Inside Himself

Phil Bozeman Releases His Demons Into the World For Us To Battle

Phil Bozeman is extremely polite. While most people know him for his infernal roars and soldier-like stage focus as the frontman of deathcore pioneers Whitechapel, the man behind such songs as "Make it Bleed" and "Breeding Violence" appears visibly nervous as he video-calls in to Revolver from his house in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Whitechapel's Phil Bozeman My Life Story Revolver
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