Hey DALL-E, Finish The Cat Drawing

How will DALL-E inpainting mode finish the infamous Twitter cat drawing? Let's find out!

Original image:

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finish the cat drawing: mermaid

This mermaid cat wants to be part of your world. It may not be advisable to listen to its siren call.

finish the cat drawing: bowl of oatmeal

This cat is lookin thiccer than a bowl of oatmeal.

finish the cat drawing: galaxy

Space, the final frontier; now with more drip. This universal cat knows all, but still chases after laser pointers.

finish the cat drawing: made up of smaller cats

I guess we now know what mitosis looks like for cats. Cat-ow clone jutsu, perhaps?

finish the cat drawing: catdog

A similar energy as above, and yet you can feel the unique camraderie between catdog here. BFFs? Perhaps. Rivals to the bitter end? Definitely.

finish the cat drawing: "if this cat wore pants, would they wear them like this, or like this?"

Well, I guess that puts this meme to rest. Now we can focus on the real issues plaguing society, like the color of the dress.

P.S. If you think these are cool, you'll wanna check out my other DALL·E experiments:

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