Reimagining Pokemon Badges in DALL·E, with a twist -- 3D!

With all the beautiful creations coming out of the DALL·E community, I wondered what it would be like to take the output a step further and bring the generations into the third dimension.

If you're on mobile, try checking out the badges in AR!

But first...

clears throat All rise for the national anthem.

I wanna be the very best
Like no one ever was
To prompt them is my real test
To train models is my causeeee
I will travel across the labs
Searching far and wide
Teach DALL·E to understand
The power that's inside...

Water Badge

The details of the sapphire in this badge are wildly impressive. A reimagining of the badge from Cerulean City!


Fire Badge

I was least happy with this result. The SVG was really hard to work with and I instantly become this guy whenever I try to do anything in Blender. That said, the badge itself is really detailed and I could see Blaine using this as an actual badge.


Electric Badge

This one is bigger than the others so you may have to zoom out a bit to view it in its full granduer. I really like how the right edge didn't get filled in by the SVG, it gives the lightning bolt a sharper look.


The Process

Want to make one of these yourself? Here's what I did:

  1. Create a badge in DALL·E example prompt: Water gym badge, made of real sapphire gemstones in the shape of a rain droplet, glossy, digital art
  2. Remove the background with
  3. Use the Image Tracer Figma Plugin to convert the PNG to a SVG
  4. Convert the 2D SVG to 3D with Blender
  5. Display them on a webpage with Google ModelViewer

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Come watch me use PKM in action on Twitch!

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