Reading is Hard

The black hole at the center of our galaxy = goodreads:to-read section

Adding books to a reading list feels like the reward in and of itself.

Which is stupid, because adding a book to a reading list is simply an intent to read, not reading.

As book recommendations fly left and right at social gatherings, people whip out their Notes app like a gun in a Quick Draw contest and hastily type the title of the book before sneakily checking if they have any missed texts.

These notes inevitably fall into the ether, never to be heard from again.

Why do we all continue to torture ourselves with these ever expanding reading lists if we don't read books?

Well, reading is hard.

It's boring work (letters on a page), interspersed with moments of joy (new thought connections).

But it is necessary work, and we must continue to try.

Practical Advice

To get inbox zero in your reading list, ruthlessly quit books that no longer serve you. There is too much work to be done and life to be lived to dawdle on a book that's...meh.

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