What is the psychology behind those who smurf on Hearthstone?

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play stupid games, win stupid prizes

If you can't beat randomness, just beat worse players.

Unfortunately, the "reward" in Hearthstone Battlegrounds is MMR, but there is no global leaderboard or centralized way of knowing where you stand amongst others, which makes it literally a meaningless number on a start screen.

This incentivizes players on losing streaks to sink their MMR, and pick on new/worse players for enjoyment.

Playing battlegrounds is like setting up the perfect card tower, just to have some one knock it down with a poisonous fish.

Nivi: Yeah, the two quotes that I’ve seen that express this kind of luck in addition to that Benjamin Disraeli one, are this one from Sam Altman where he said, “extreme people get extreme results.” I think that’s pretty nice. And then there’s this other one from Jeffrey Pfeffer, who is a professor at Stanford that, “you can’t be normal and expect abnormal returns.” I’ve always enjoyed that one too.

Naval: Yeah. And one quote that I like which is the exact opposite of that is, “play stupid games win stupid prizes.” A lot of people spend a lot of their time playing social games like on Twitter where you’re trying to improve your social standing and you basically win stupid social prizes which are worthless.

How To Get Rich Without Getting Lucky

that being said...

Hearthstone battlegrounds is an amazing mobile game

It's competitive, slightly different each time, has gambling and chance aspects with some strategy, without taking up too much finger motion real estate, and can be played while watching YouTube.

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