A List of Good Matts

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Don't let one bad Matt-ple ruin the batch. Here is a list (noniclusive) of some Matt's that I think are cool dudes.

Matt DesLauriers

Matt DesLauriers is a household recognizable name in the generative art community; he inspired me to get into creative coding and changed the course of my life forever. 5 / 5 Matts.

Matt Furie

If you like Pepe memes and spending hours in a trance of perfectly looped art, look no further than Matt Furie. Thank me later. / 5 Matts.

Matt Workman

A multi-hyphenate developer and creator in the emerging Digital Production space, successful at business, storytelling and art. When you watch movies with amazing human CGI in the future, you can bet Matt Workman was involved. UE5 / 5 Matts.

My Friend Matt From High School

A really phenomenal dude with a great family. His house was a second home to me growing up, and I can't thank him enough for that. ❤️ / 5 Matts.

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