Adding a CMS to this blog was the greatest thing I have ever done

I've written about Kaneki a few times before, but I'd like to underscore what it's done for me in recent memory.

Kaneki now has a react-force-graph extension, allowing me to write graph type blogs in addition to normie blogs.

Most importantly, Kaneki lowers the cost of creating content within my sphere of influence. I've delegated many of the boring, necessary, tasks like creation of metadata, publishing, responsiveness, and even some aspects of the writing itself to my NextJS server, Obsidian, and my scripts.

As of this post (July 23, 2022) there are 67 posts on, but without Kaneki there would be many less. This rate is only possible because I am allowed to focus on the engaging parts of content creation without getting held back by the tedium.

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